Dwarven Guard / Finian Ranger

Height: 4’8”

Guard in the town of Finias

Appearance: Black curly and bushy hair. Pale white skin, blocky face shape with green eyes and a large nose. Wears a White Finian ranger cloak over top of her whole body. Underneath, Matilda has many brown leather hilts and strappings holding weaponry over top of black dura-cloth. 

Weapons: Matilda is equipped in the standard Finian Ranger issue weaponry. This includes two cold iron daggers, an elvish shortbow, and acid tipped arrows. In addition to this, Matilda has her own set of 6 extra black curved daggers, each dipped in a different poison, each with its own effects. 

Bio: When Matilda was training to become a guard in the town, she was away on a hunting trip in the mountains to learn how to hunt trolls when the famous Centaur attack happened. Matilda’s family was massacred in the centaur attack, and though the townsfolk later learned the centaurs were tricked into their assault, Matilda never forgave them.

Matilda is well liked around the town by those who do not venture outside its walls, but those who interact with the surrounding locals despise her. Matilda hates centaurs, and anyone who associates with them, including other Finian ranger members. While she may go out of her way to help dwarven or human villagers, if she has seen a person helping or associating with centaurs out in the mountains, she will do the opposite, and go out of her way to make their life in the town miserable. 

When McTravis was holed up in Finias for a decade during the Great Dragon War’s conclusion, Matilda spent her time desperately searching for the hero in order to “bring him to justice” for associating with centaurs.