Halfling spirit

Joliver Rambern spent his life as a swamp root farmer in Sunkenfoot Swamp, and dabbled in making small wooden mechanisms in his youth. Joliver specialized in making mechanisms and gadgets to help with survival in the swamp, and would occasionally guide travelers to safety there for pay. From traveling around in the swamp so often, the halfling developed a pure love for the area and its flora and fauna. Joliver studied the Lanterntrees throughout the swamp, and learned of their nutrient rich sap. With the sap, the halfling realized swamp root could be grown larger and faster, and so he lead the change towards mass production of swamp root. One night, a heavy lanterntree fruit dropped and fell on Joliver, crushing him, but his love of the swamp lived on, and his spirit resides there to this day to help weary travelers from time to time. 

Appearance: Green ethereal spirit with red tipped hair, which looks like it was originally brilliantly red. Very wide grin, with a default look of happiness. 

Height: 3 feet 8 inches 

Equipment: The equipment he wore at his death is bound to Joliver now, allowing him to use his gadgets almost endlessly. Joliver makes the most use out of his shortbow, and double sickles. Has a large paper fan used to clear Stink rat fumes. Uses a grappling hook to swing from Lanterntree fruit to Lanterntree fruit. Also keeps a small silver religious token that emits bright sunlight when whispered to, which is used to scare off more primitive swamp folk.