Deity of Cold

Member of the Fomorian Race 

Appearance: Stark white skin. Elongated humanoid body reaching a height of about 7.5 feet. Long, wide arms reaching down to its knees. Gills on its neck. Slanted black slits for eyes and icy blue snaggleteeth sticking out of its jaw. 

Symbol: A trio of snowflakes

Powers: Emanates pure cold in a 5 mile radius. The temperature near the deity is so cold that even arctic creatures cannot stand it without freezing within an hour. 

Bio: Rolkin was originally known as Rodhen, and served as a partner to the goddess  of oceans and cold, Llyr, for several millennia. Rodhen gathered his own worshippers and started a war against Llyr in order to take the power of the realm for himself. With the help of several other deities, Llyr quickly struck down Rodhen’s insurrection, and cast him down to the Material Plane. The deities took the god’s powers away and cursed him with his own new power: cold. Now named Rolkin, the new Fomorian separated itself from society, as his emanating cold kills almost all creatures he’s known. The Fomorian now resides deep in the Ice Caves of Vendurr. Now, Rolkin is slowly gaining power, as the cult of his worshippers grows. The Cult of Rolkin now stretches into the cities of Lyonesse, Fallan, and The Elder Village.