Grutuck: Also referred to as a “Hammerhead” by locals. This large red and orange leather skinned beast stands at 6 feet tall on four wide legs, with a neck as thick as its legs and has a small sized head. The small head has a large protrusion of bone formed on each side, and the bone protrusions both grow out away from the Grutuck’s head creating heavy sections of exposed bone, with flat front faces. Grutuck teeth remain unevolved, small and brittle, so the Grutuck pulverizes its prey into a pulpy paste so that it is able to eat and digest it. Grutuck hammer hits are known to easily crush humanoid bone. These beasts live alone in tucked away reaches of savannas and thin forests. 

Elder Worm: Also known as a “Demon worm”. These small black and glossy worms seem to have a hive mind, and move as one solid mass. They typically live underground until they find a host body, or several objects to put together. Usually, elder worms will invade a decomposing skeleton, and form up through its limbs, creating a moving host for itself. Skeletons invaded in this way are referred to as “Wormies” by locals, and can be seen wandering around the Elder Forest aimlessly. Elder worms completely resist poison effects, and can only be found in The Elder Forest.