Lurking Benadalia: This blue and red striped marsh plant typically grows in muddier areas, and has the ability to retract and extend its roots. When creatures near the plant, the plant can feel small tremors in the ground around it and it will retract its roots to hide. When an unsuspecting animal stops to rest on the Benadalia’s land, the plant slowly extends its roots to encompass and entangle the creature. Its roots then begin to suck the blood out its victim, using it as a nutrient rich sap. Lurking Benadalia can be forced to extend above ground by dropping small amounts of lavender oil on the mud it is embedded in. 

Quicksnap: This green stemmed plant grows massive teal colored flowers with varying hues of blues and greens. When viewed, the colorful patterns have been known to hypnotize creatures of lower intelligence. The flower can quickly snap itself shut, breaking bones at times, and a thin layer of acid on the flower petals begins to decompose the creature, as the plant absorbs the gases created. Quicksnap typically grows in open grasslands. 

Spider Silk: White fern-like plant with very thin protrusions. This plant’s material melts upon touch, and is filled with seeds spread by whatever creature that has passed through it. Spider silk plants are usually known to grow on the edges of swamps.