Cranbutaa: Also known as Biters. This lime green leather skinned two legged beast lives in lush green areas like rain forests. When moving on its own, this creature has severe balance issues and cannot move very fast. Cranbutaas typically roam in pairs, in which one bites onto the tail of the other, and the two run as one single unit with four legs. When in a pair like this, Cranbutaas are one of the fastest animals in Allyria, and can outrun even velociraptors. Feed primarily on small to medium sized animals. 

Lothos Plant Spider: This massive 20 foot tall spider-like creature is covered in brown fur. Each of its eight large legs breaks down into smaller tube-like appendages that suck in vegetation for sustenance. Lothos Plant Spiders levitate about 2 to 3 feet off the ground in most cases, and slowly pan over large areas at a time, clearing them of vegetation within hours. Also known as “Rovers” by the locals. Rover meat is very common in marketplaces.