Lanterntree: 50 to 70 foot tall tree with a 15 foot wide trunk that grows in water-logged areas exclusively in Sunkenfoot Swamp. Leaves from Lanterntrees have six points, and the veins within them give off an ethereal green glow. Lanterntrees produce large, bitter and tasteless fruits that glow radiantly green. Lanterntrees require very large amounts of water, but their roots secrete a very nutrient-rich sap that other flora and fauna use to survive, making them a keystone species in the Sunkenfoot swamp. 

Sweet Starbush: Small blue shrub that forms edible star-shaped fruit with purple rugged skin, and green, crisp inner flesh. The fruits, known as Grimstars, are very sweet when ripe, but become incredibly poisonous to some species when over ripe. Many different cultures have developed their own ways of inspecting and preparing the fruit to avoid any lethal doses, and grimstars are grown and farmed mostly in the rolling hills of Glendalough, but can also be found being farmed at the northeast stretches of Allyria near Gorias. 

Gourd Plant: Forms only in ice caves and glaciers. This small brown weedy plant absorbs the nitrogen it needs for growth from the air around it. Its roots extend into ice and give off a small amount of heat, melting the ice slowly, allowing them to both absorb water and grow deeper. Gourd fruits have a thin white, transparent skin and are filled only with water and a single floating soft brown seed in the center. These plants are often used by travelers going through the mountains as a source of water for longer journeys.