Lyonesse is a major port hub city located on the northern coast of Allyria. The town has become all but corrupt through its involvement with pirate gangs and the fully corrupt North Sea Trade Alliance.

Visual: Lyonesse buildings are made out of varying materials, based off whatever its owner had in forms of cargo. Most buildings are made of some type of mashing of cobblestone, and sit at about one to two stories high. Other common buildings are made out of the dark orange colored jungle wood from the surrounding Wysterian jungle. The streets of the city are filled with staggering drunkards, cursing sailors, and many carts transporting different forms of cargo, and are never empty, even in the middle of the night. Many dark alleyways dart off the main roads, where shady deals occur on a regular basis.

Culture: Any remnants of laws that ever existed are fully ignored in modern day Lyonesse. The city is famous for petty crimes, and merchants that bribe the city charge outlandish prices for their goods. The city acts as the headquarters for the Allyrian thieves guild, as well as The Blight Gang. Shop owners recruit their own mercenaries to act as body guards to protect their wares, and it is not uncommon for residents to hire bounty hunters to investigate murders and kill the attacker. 

Politics: Leroy Weinworth acts as the guard captain of the city, and has his hand in many shady dealings. The Lyonesse guard force answers to no one above Leroy, and through this, the man and his subordinates have control of almost all happenings throughout the city.