Tarkosaur: A wasteland dinosaur touched by a spirit of nature. Dark orange leathery skin with sparse stripes of blue in random patterns. Large, dark brown tufts of leaves and branches stick off of the dinosaur at varying points. On two hind legs, the dinosaur stands at 15 feet tall, but it typically walks on all fours, and its back is 8 feet high. The Tarkosaur is both a primary consumer as well as a primary producer. It feeds on animals much less than most dinosaurs, and so is typically much friendlier around humanoids. Some of its energy comes from harvesting sunlight through its magical leaves, which produce immense amounts of energy. 

Stinging Shard Bug: Also known as “Shardies” to the locals. This small translucent blue insect resembles a small shard of ice or crystal with a sharp point at its front and its back. These bugs fly in swarms of thousands, and any creature unfortunate to get caught in one is shredded slowly by their sharp icy wing flaps.