God of the axe and ale. Born out of humankind’s love of victory feasts. Symbol is two great axes crossing each other. Worshippers build great wooden feasting halls with large brewing rooms for various kinds of beers and ales meant for after a victory on the battlefield. When a battle is lost, the beer is allowed to turn stale, as Orcinar warriors are only allowed to taste sweetness through victory. Orcinar priests and priestesses spend their lifetimes collecting magical or ordinary gemstones to add onto their temple’s sacred axes. Each temple is gifted two sacred axes by Orcinar’s celestial aides upon its creation: one axe for the Head Priest, and one axe for the Head Priestess. Ordinary worshippers rebuild their axe each time they find a stronger material to use, and constantly find ways to hone their weapon. Orcinar blesses his followers’ faith with extreme strength and rage on the battlefield, followed by an extreme high-like bliss and euphoria after a battle.