Clasperian origins are unknown, as this is one of the oldest known races in Allyrian history. Clasperians are on average, a foot or two taller than the average human, and their bodies look stretched vertically. Limbs are very lanky, with three long bone spikes that protrude down off their forearms. These spikes provide Clasperians with natural weaponry that can prove deadly for many beasts and humanoids. 

Clasperian eyes are angled and thin, and while they can see excellently during the night, they have difficulty keeping them open during the day due to sensitivity. Due to this, many Clasperians engage in heavy night lives, or seedy lifestyles like highway robbery in the night. Other Clasperians more inducted into other societies simply wear shaded glasses or goggles created by tinkerers to compensate. 

Clasperians are incredibly dextrous and stealthy, as their ancestors relied on hunting at night for food. Some of the most famous Clasperians have been saboteurs, poisoners, and assassins.