Meernroot: A small reddish plant that grows in thick clusters with thorny stems. When the root of this plant is crushed up and ingested, it acts as a strong hallucenogenic, while also projecting the user’s spirit onto the astral plane for one hour. 

Bearded Lake Fungus: Common gray fuzzy fungus that forms along edges of lakes, where the ground is constantly moist. This fungus sucks in water from the lake, and relies on iron-rich soils. Bearded Lake Fungus causes a mild but very blatant red rash. Can be used in morphing potions. 

Coral Spike: Ordinary coral-forming organisms still create this structure, but for an unknown reason, they create it in a perfect spike shape getting narrower as it moves up. Bright red coloring. Coral Spikes are homes to many types of small fish, as well  as a few slightly bigger predators like barricudas or giant octopi.