Forged in Hell’s deepest forgest, Infernium is one of the strongest metals known in existence, while also being quite heavy. This deep black metal requires the heat of the central ring of the Nine Hells to burn at a temperature high enough to smelt infernium ore. Legions of Devils are equipped with this heavy metal, making their army almost indestructible, as there are a very select few metals on the Material Plane strong enough to pierce it. This metal also provides resistance against fire and ice as well. 

Warding Armor

Translucent magical armor of varying colors and appearances depending on the magical nature of whoever cast it. This armor is created by a drawn ward, sigil, or a low level cast spell. Warding Armor provides great protection from magical sources, but is easily puncturable by material objects like blades and weapons. Warding Armor was used heavily during the Spell Wars on both sides of the fight, but is not seen as much now that rare, stronger metals are more accessible than before due to global trade.


Iron smelted with shadow energy imbued into the metal. Shadow-iron was invented by the shadow horde during their assault on the continent, and became the base material for Shadow Horde armor at the very end of The Shadow War. This material absorbs any holy energy associated with attacks entirely. This almost changed the tide of war, as McTravis’ warriors were previously doing so well thanks to the blessing of their weapons with holy energy. Horde members equipped with this new material were known as Death Squads, and killed many of McTravis’ forces before the hero himself destroyed the blacksmiths and smelters responsible for its creation.