Broad Remt: A very wide leafed green plant that grows to an average of 7 feet tall. This leafy shrub’s leaves are the width of about 4 feet, and droop low. Broad Remf leaves are often used by jungle-inhabitants for base layers of clothing and armor. This plant’s leaves contain natural insecticide properties, keeping insects off of the wearer.

Beckkar Vine: This black vine typically blends into the tree canopy foliage at night time. However, during the autumn season, the vine produces buds that glow yellow and look exactly like fireflies. When birds attack the vine, the bud releases a paralyzing spray onto the bird. Once the bird’s body falls to the ground, the vine’s wide-spreading vampiric roots below slowly suck the blood out of its victim. Beckkar Vines are not known to attack or spray humanoids.

Elephant Foot Fungus: Forms only in permanently wet soil near dead Thuntak vines. This white fungus forms a large central asymmetric blob of a body, and emits radiative spores to spread. Organic creatures caught in these spores are subject to strong radiation damage and sickness. Known to only exist in the Jungle of Dufair and the Wysterian Jungle

Wysterian Glow-Leaf: Large 6-8 foot tall yellow leafed plant. Leaves are broad. 1.5 feet wide, and droop around the plant. In darkness, this plant’s leaves glow brilliantly yellow and light up the Wysterian Jungle at night. Glow-leaf leaves retain their glow property for up to 3 days after being plucked.