Minerilians were created originally as rock golems, mindless creatures created by a conjuration spell. The ancient religious wizard group, The Followers of Gwydion, began perfecting their spells to allow the rock golems to act more autonomously. Finally, their experimentation lead to the creation of Onyx Broadback, the very first Minerilian. Onyx was instantly sentient, though only of average intelligence compared to other humanoids. But when the Followers realized what they had created, they created a family for Onyx as well, and allowed them to live within the confines of the group’s Crystal City within Mount Eris. Over centuries, Minerilians began to spread through the continent, though their numbers still remain small and sparse.

Minerilians have a very rocky appearance, being made from organic stone itself. Minerilian skin tones can vary, some have the appearance of granite, others are all gray, others seem to be sandstone related, etc. To all five senses, Minerilians seem to be made of ordinary stone, but are able to heal the stone over time like ordinary flesh. Due to this factor, Minerilians have been the victims of numerous experiments done to attempt to create stone buildings that repair themselves. Minerilians average at a little under 7 feet tall.

Amors and Clothing: Minerilians adapted quickly to the Followers’ lifestyle, leading to humble clothing being common across the race. Many simple robes and cloths are used overtop of each other to protect the Minerilians from the wind and rain, although heat and cold do not affect them.

Weapons: Minerilians have an affinity for things made of stone or minerals, including the metals smelted out of them. Through this, Minerilians skill with metal blades and hammers is unmatched in Allyria but is unknown if this skill is enough to best a Tyrannic slaver blademaster.

Abilities: Surprisingly, although they have been created from magic themselves, Minerilians appear to have absolutely no magical affinity or source at all. Minerilians rely on practical tool skills and weapon training to make up for a lack of magic. Minerilian trademen are known to have smithing expertise only matched by the dwarves.