Clasperian Magical Archer / Soldier

Association: The Enochian Riders

Height: 6’2”

Appearance: Very tall and lanky with bright blue skin tone. Where her Clasperian claws used to be coming off her forarms, there are now sawn off bone stumps protruding to the sides. Dark green long hair ending with small iron, steel, and silver beads tied to the ends of lochs. Angular, elongated facial features.

Armor: Artemis wears standard issue Enochian Rider armor, which includes a mixture of gold and silver plated armor up to the neck. The armor’s pauldrons look similar to golden wings, protruding off of Artemis’ shoulders.

Weapons: Artemis uses a black cherry wood longbow stave with a green orcish poison string. She also utilizes two steel daggers that she wears on her hips at all times.

Bio: Artemis Talennia grew up in the celestial city of Fallan. During her childhood, she frequented the nearby village of Abbai and befriended Leaf Ritroot there. Artemis joined the Enochian Riders as soon as she was of age, and struggled with the archery aspect of training. During one of her initiation rites, Artemis was sent deep into the Wysterian jungle to find an old witch who had been terrorizing the locals. Artemis met an old potion witch by the name of Olshana there, and learned that it was actually a group of ogres attempting to expand their territory away from Glug Lake. After talking down the ogres, Artemis returned to thank the old woman, but found her to be dying. Clutched in her hands was a potion Olshana had made just for Artemis to help with her archery issue. Artemis drank the potion and gained supernatural eyesight and incredible dextrous abilities allowing her to return to Fallan and prove to be the strongest archer in the city. From that point on, Artemis began to rely heavily on her archery ability and advanced through the ranks using her acquired skill. Artemis was lost to the shadow plague during the Shadow Wars, and it is unknown if she is still alive.