Human Guard Captain / Brewer

Guard Captain in the port city of Lyonesse

Height: 5’9”

Appearance: Bronzed skinned with thinning brown hair and a bald spot on the back of his head. Plump in shape, with a large section underhanging his chin. Enormous smile stretch marks sit on either side of Leroy’s mouth, and the man wears spectacles with wiry thin golden frames. Leroy wears an outfit Renaissance in appearance, with several layers of wool clothing of varying browns and grays. 

Weapons: Leroy is equipped with two flintlock pistols, each loaded with one shot at all times. In addition, the man carries a curved iron cutlass on his hip under his outer cloak. 

Bio: Leroy Weinworth was born in Lyonesse and grew up as a street urchin, making money by cleaning the decks of docked ships. Through this, the boy met many well known sailors who helped get him better jobs. One of these jobs included being a brewer’s assistant. There, Leroy picked up skills of the brewing trade and his brewed ales became famous around the pirate and sailor community. 

After brewing ales for about a decade, the great sailor, Tielin Jaris, came to Leroy with a job offer. Tielin was a member of The North Sea Trade Alliance, which had been dealing with rising taxes coming from the city of Lyonesse. Tielin used his influence to get Lyonesse’s guard captain job open, and Leroy agreed to fill the new spot, under the condition that he would allow the Alliance to conduct their business as they see fit, and he would turn a blind eye. 

Leroy is now very well known around the Alliance and pirate community, and very well liked. He keeps his guards out of certain sections of the city that the Alliance is dealing in shady business in. In addition, Leroy is known to take bribes on a regular basis. Almost any exchange of money at the ports now goes through guard hands first, and the town has become notorious for “losing” large amounts of legal business money, with rumors that the lost money is simply being transferred to the North Sea Trade Alliance. 

Leroy is known for protecting Lyonesse natives avidly. At times, he has even gone against Alliance instruction to protect younger members of his community. However, he shares none of this passion for those coming from outside Lyonesse.