Wiggling White Tail: Large underground reptile comprised of two small, wilted away legs, a massive green scaled amorphous abdomen, and a long wide neck reaching up about 5 to 7 feet. The White Tail’s tongue is long and thing, appearing like a long white worm. The White Tail protrudes its tongue up into the soil above it and lets it wriggle around while visible on the surface. To other creatures, this appears as the soft white tail of a small mammal prey animal. When they pounce, the rest of the White Tail’s body moves up and takes a massive bite out of the attacking creature. White Tail’s do not have great means of moving around underground, so they typically stay where they are and reproduce into small clusters of White Tails. Local fauna typically learn the right spots to avoid White Tails, but inexperienced travelers fall into these traps very often.

Green Topped Fly: Giant fly about the size of a basketball with a shimmery green thorax and big bright blue eyes. These flies feed off of floral foliage mostly, but do have a devastating bite against creatures coming too close to their food. Due to their large size, typically Green Tops only fly in groups of 3 or 4, although they lay about 50 eggs at one time, and the babies simply fly in all directions upon leaving their larval stage. Green Topped Flies love Roaring Foxglove flowers.