Winter Chill: Created by the goddess Llyr after Shandarian volcanic eruptions desolated half its island. This short blue and white stemless plant emits a 40 foot radius of colder temperatures than its ordinary environment. These plants are found in the Shandarian volcano chain, and provide short rests between the fiery volcanic landscapes for travelers. 

Mellow Tree: Small tree averaging 10 to 15 feet tall with a thin green trunk. Branching off of the very top of the trunk, the tree creates three large, perfectly spherical fruits, known as Mellows, at a time. Mellows are bright red when ripe, and yellow before ripe. Ripe mellows taste sweet, and are edible by all known living fauna in Allyria. Pastes made from Mellow flesh have proven to help rid fur of certain types of fleas as well. 

Blue Bylid: Small blue shrub averaging at 4 feet tall. Branches of the bylid glow blue within the shrub, creating an ethereal appearance at night. Ground Bylid branches are used in many potions and for many spells that create light in some way.