Darkberry: Dark green bush that grows clumps of small purple berries. The handful of berries that reach ripeness each year contain shadowstuff in their skins, and if broken or crushed, they create a 5 ft diameter sphere of magical darkness for 2 rounds. Can be found in regions that experience frosts.

Blue Garner: Found deep in jungles typically growing alone. Consists of a long brown stem and blue tulip-like flowers all along it. When the leaves are mashed down into a paste and ingested, consumer will drop into a coma for 2 days, and will appear entirely dead from any investigation of non-magical means

White Macalily: White edible flower with a black pollen center. Also used in some potion recipes. Found growing under Willow trees in moist, swampy areas

Rensh: Brown thorny bush found on open grasslands. Its roots are often used in potions related to enchantment magic

Sabera: Rare flowering plant with large wide red flowers. Found deep in the Jungle of Dufair. Entirely toxic to eat, great for poison recipes.