Blood Lily: Blood red petals surrounding a black center of the flower. Usually only found in the Nine Hells. An undead corpse can regain its spirit by eating this plant’s blossom.

Gnome Grass: Known for its height being similar to that of a gnome, this pale green grass can be found in many open grasslands around Allyria. When eaten, nourishes the consumer by counting as a ration and giving them temporary health

Dark Gnome Grass: Known for its near identical resemblance to gnome grass. Found in grasslands next to decomposing bodies. Near lethal when ingested. Very difficult to distinguish from regular gnome grass.

Bluebell: Found in forest clearings typically. Dark green plant forms clusters of light purple and blue flowers. Believed to hold some sort of magical power, and it is claimed these are unlucky to move through. These plants are able to essentially cast a hypnotic pattern on any who walk into a field of bluebells

Hawthorne Vine: White magical flowering plants. Typically appear and grow around entrances to other planes. Having a sprig of one is supposedly lucky

Bubbling Tulip: Underwater plant. Gives off magical bubbles in the shape of tulip heads that pop when they reach the surface. When this plant’s roots are crushed up, can be used with alchemy recipes for illusion potions and magics.