Goblin Bounty Hunter / One Man Army

Association: The Glithorian League

Height: 4’ 2”

Appearance: Yips’ appearance changes with each copy he makes of himself. All copies still have the same dark green skin tone, beady black eyes, and red gills along their necks.  The original Yips has blue hair formed into three spikes along the top of his head. However, the hair of each copy of Yips changes, varying from afros, to bald versions, to straightened long hair, etc.  Yips shakes and jitters on a regular basis, due to his high, uncontrollable energy. This jittering turns into full psychotic rage when Yips fights.

Armor: All Yips clones wear simple crude leather armor crafted specially for Yips by his village. The leather armor portrays the symbol of The Blight Gang, the former association Yips belonged to before joining the Glithorian League.

Weapons: The original Yips uses a broad iron axe sturdily constructed by Shandarian dwarves, with the symbol of The Blight Gang engraved onto the pommel. His copies have been known to wield swords, bows, spears, hammers, axes, daggers, and any other commonly used metal or wood weaponry.

Abilities: Yips is highly trained in both melee and ranged combat, and is skilled at using any material weapon you put in his hands. Yips also has the ability to make copies of himself to an unknown limit, turning him by himself into a gang, or even an army. Yips also has the ability to summon weapons along with each clone. Victims of Yips’ bounty hunting say that his relentless attacks with endless amounts of clones can wear down any stronghold’s defenses.

Specialty: Yips specializes in infiltration bounties, in which the bounty is well protected within hostile cities. Using his massive amounts of clones, Yips can distract a whole city’s guard while he alone sneaks into the area where his target is. 

Bio: Yips was born into The Blight Gang, in the village of Wunntarsa in the Caindrel Mountains. There, he was taught how to use a variety of weaponry by the gang’s seedy veterans, friends of his father, Thrax Rutar, a notorious thief. Thrax also taught Yips the arts of stealth and sleight of hand, helpful for a thief, but also very useful for a bounty hunter. At the age of 15, Yips accidentally made the first copy of himself while he was hunting an Auroch, a large two-horned beast. During the fight, Yips was almost knocked unconscious when a second version of himself distracted the beast off of him. The two worked together and killed the beast. 

Yips began to practice his cloning process, and after years, was able to make 10 to 15 copies of himself at will. Yips realized he was beyond the skill level of the thieves in The Blight Gang, and wanted to put his skills to good use, so he joined The Glithorian League of bounty hunters.

Yips’ first bounty was of Shadow Moor, the leader of a locally forming trade union. Shadow Moor had a large crew of hired help in their encampment, but Yips easily overpowered the group and killed Shadow Moor. Not only did this fully bring Yips into The Glithorian League, but it also de-stabilized the market in the city of Olca, causing a market crash and allowing Dragonsbane to take control. 

Yips takes his league contracts seriously, and is known for being entirely impossible to dissuade against fulfilling his bounty. Yips is notorious for killing his bounties, even when a live reward is offered. The goblin prefers to cut off any possible loose ends or chances of failure whenever he gets the chance, and bringing in a live person is too much of a liability for the bounty hunter’s liking.