Potion of Growth

This appears to be a white mucus-like liquid within a vial, with a shrunken and shriveled feather that becomes visible as you shake it. When drank, this potion grows the imbiber proportionally to twice their original size and lasts for 1 hour.

Recipe: Ground up giant’s bone, Alpine Daisy flower petals, cow’s milk, Mellow fruit flesh, Ranclaw feather 

Potion of Shrinking

This appears as a silver liquid in a vial, with pink sparks appearing and vanishing in the small air filled top of the vial. When drank, this potion shrinks the imbiber proportionally down to one quarter their original size. This effect lasts for 4 hours.

Recipe: Chopped up Dirwhip tail, Bush leech flesh, heated and liquified silver, pinch of pixie dust remnants 

 Potion of Enhanced Dexterity 

This appears as a silver liquid in a vial, with blue flower petals floating around in the liquid. When drank, this potion grants the imbiber with supernatural flexibility and acrobatic abilities. This potion also allows the imbiber to more easily dodge attacks. This lasts for 1 hour.

Recipe: Heated and liquified silver, Bush leech flesh, Chopped up Brelope tail, Very small amount of Blue Garner flower petals(the slightest bit too much will drop the imbiber into a coma)