Visual: 50 to 70 foot tall Lanterntrees dominate the landscape overtop of a marshy mix of mud land and pools of water. Lanterntree fruits give off a glow that not only lights the swamp, but also gives the swamp a faint green hue. Pools of water have different forms of flora growing in them ranging from 6 foot tall swampreed, to short shrubs of green-speckled mallow. 

Thin light orange wood walkways float on water surfaces and are anchored down into muddier land areas. Occasionally a halfling can be seen in the distance harvesting swamp root using a sickle, or carrying a recently caught stink rat body. Small round wooden stilted huts are very sparsely set out in the swamp, and the huts are specifically placed to be just visible from the next nearest hut. 

Sunkenfoot Swamp is home to many halflings that make a living out of selling swamp root. Halflings here work together for a common shared pool of money, which they all use to improve their own swamp root farms. 

Ecology: Sunkenfoot Swamp’s ecosystem relies heavily on the roots of the Lanterntrees, which absorb heavy amounts of water and secrete a thin nutrient-rich sap that spreads through the swamp water and feeds low level flora. 

Dangers: Stink rat packs, Quicksand, Territorial swamp-folk

Legends exist surrounding a monstrous alligator named VuLocks that lives in the swamp, feeding on halflings that wander too far from home.