Southern sect of The Blight Gang that occupies the plains and coast to the south of The Elder Village. Comprised mostly of a lanky, clawed humanoid race referred to as Clasperians. These bandits are known by the public as “Blood Claws” or “Claws”.

Uniform: All Blood Claw members earn a set of thick black metal Infernium armor upon initiation. The armor’s forearms include retractable black metal spikes to mimic the Clasperian’s long claw on all sides of the forearm, protruding a foot out past the hand. Claws paint their own armor however they like, but many make use of the same blood red and dark purple colors. The infernium armor is very heavy to most users, so Blood Claws typically try to ambush and surround their enemy to stop them from running away.

Weapons: Claw members almost exclusively use their forearm spikes to act as their weapons. 

History: When the god of war attempted to take control over The Elder Village, he manipulated the Blood Claws into becoming his military force. From this, Blood Claw members are now heavily equipped with devilish weaponry and magics. After the god was defeated and banished from the town, Claw members were also banished from the kingdom. Today, Blood Claws are typically arrested upon sight by Elder Village guards, and are known for committing petty thefts and muggings around the Elder Village’s kingdom.