Standard appearance is that of a pair of medium-length iron daggers with elegant hilts wrapped in silk with silver filigree. When used, the daggers glow with a faint light blue hue. These weapons are casted only in the forges of the stone town, Finias. Not quite a rare sight in Allyria, Spellweavers are quite often used against mages, although skill with the weapons varies greatly. When used properly, spellweavers can be used to counteract a visible spell being casted and stop it entirely. These daggers require precise hand movements to counteract certain spells, and only the most highly trained with Spellweavers are able to use them practically. The most famous user of a spellweaver pair is the bounty hunter, Merlin Ironhand. Merlin’s Spellweavers are specially modified and changed for his use, created by an unknown source.