Elven Necromancer

Height: 6’5”

Appearance: Black robes draped over an imposing figure, with a black hood leaving the necromancer’s face in an impenetrable darkness. Beast tusks, bones, and antlers form a wrapped wreathe of bone and keratin around the top of Maw’s head, and the necromancer wears the outer lower jaw of a Lockjaw* around his neck, with the teeth sticking up. 

Weapons: Gulhoth Maw wields no weapons on his own, and is simply equipped with a pair of silver gauntlets encrusted with red garnet gemstones that have the ability to absorb the life out of a creature they touch, giving the extra years to Maw. 

Abilities: Gulhoth Maw is known as the most powerful necromancer to have ever lived, known to be able to command entire armies of raised undead skeletons at a time. Maw maintains a battalion of undead minotaurs around himself at all times, and has been known to create armies of undead giants at times as well. His minions vary in intelligence, some have forms of sentience while others are mindless. Maw assigns titles and ranks to his undead for in-battle commands.

Bio: Born in the town of Shandar in its early years, Brin Gul was born to the very well liked Dustoll clan. The boy showed no kinds of skill or talent in most child activities, but as soon as he began his training in necromancy at the age of 10, Brin picked up all the old known spells and began to improve upon them instantly. 

Brin’s skills in necromancy were envied by others in the town, and rumors began to spread of the boy’s relation to devilish origins. After one reanimation attempt that left a creation screaming for its own death, The Dustoll clan expelled Brin for unnatural experiments. Through this, Brin met a few members of the town’s Thieves Guild and joined the guild, and the boy adopted the fake name Gulhoth Maw as his criminal identity. 

Brin and a few friends set out for the relatively close city of Struffox on his 81st birthday. However, upon reaching the city of Struffox, Brin and his group were robbed and beaten by a group of pirates. Each member of the group was beaten to death, including Brin. After the pirates had left, the necromancer breathed life back into his lungs, and awoke. Brin had trained himself to possibly fight off death, and his skills had proven useful. After awakening, Brin no longer had any memory of his past life, and simply only remembered “Gulhoth Maw” and the necromancer decided that would be his name. Not remembering who he was, or where he was, Maw wandered aimlessly into the Narnoon woods, and only rumors exist of his whereabouts during the following forty years.

On the fortieth anniversary of Maw’s “birth”, the necromancer lead an armada of bone ships against the town of Shandar and took it by military force. From there, Maw lead his famous conquest across Narnoon Island, and occupied Struffox. 

Maw ruled over the newly created region of Shandaria for a little over a hundred years, before his sudden disappearance from the island. Searches went out for the necromancer for weeks, but after 2 weeks, his undead armies crumbled. No one knows whether Maw is alive or dead, but his body has still not been found. 

*Lockjaw information can be found at Fauna of Allyria 5