Green-speckled Mallow: Herbaceous shrub that grows only in swamps. Creates a very leafy shrub with dark green small leaves. Produces dinner plate sized red flowers speckled with green dots. Green-speckled Mallow produces swamp roots excellent for soothing pain and alleviating poisons. 

Blue-eyed Heat Vine: Herbaceous shrub found exclusively in Sunkenfoot Swamp due to its high sunlight levels. Brown and Gray twisted vine that grows up trees and shrub branches. This vine produces brilliant yellow flowers. Each flower petal has a perfectly round blue spot on its center. Swamp root harvested from these vines is excellent for alleviating fevers and curing paralysis.

Swampreed: The most commonly found plant harvested for swamp root. Thin reedy structure, with yellow and red reeds that reach heights of 8 to 12 feet if unkempt. Most cultivated swampreed plants are kept at a height of 5 feet for the right size of roots to form. Swamp Root harvested from Swampreed has a sickly sweet taste, and can be used to heal lacerations and open wounds within an hour of being consumed.