Visual: Black and white twisted spires carved from smooth obsidian and marble rise off of the horizon, with dotted lights from red flares on top of each. Shandar’s docks are almost completely filled by massive sailing ships made from what appears to be bone, each donning a perfectly black sail. Heavily tattooed humans, elves, and dwarves move to and fro on the docks, carrying small crates and luxury goods on or off ships. The whole city gives off a faint red glow from the magical lighting lining the black and white streets. Skeletons of all shapes and sizes are seen taking orders and commands from the living. Most of the menial or heavy duty work is being done by the undead. 

History: Shandar is known as the birthplace of necromancy, blood magic, and recently, magic infused tattoos. In its early years, Shandar was viewed as a dangerous place, as it was lead by the necromancer, Gulhoth Maw. Maw was known as one of the most powerful necromancers ever to have lived, and was known to control entire armies of the undead at a time. Through this, Maw made a conquest to take control of all of Narnoon island, including taking over the viking port city of Struffox. Maw succeeded in his conquest, and ruled the new region of Shandaria for a little over a hundred years before passing away. With his death, civil war broke out between the different factions forced to coagulate under Maw. After a ten year war, the factions split up into Northern Narnoon, and Southern Narnoon. These factions quickly devolved back into their own ruled cities of Shandar and Struffox, which is how it has remained to this day. 

For centuries, Shandar residents used mindless undead to complete their manual and menial labor tasks for them. However, the Shandarian woman, Aaliyah Hellthrop was the first to create a sentient undead creature. From her magic, sentient undead spread throughout the city, and the undead became engaged in a long political battle for equal rights. After a century of sentient undead spreading through the city, the first undead councilperson, Hansel Gellhelm was elected, and a landslide movement began which resulted in the entire city being run by undead.

Currently, sentient undead have been given all equal rights as other citizens, but the beings are entirely unaccepted in other areas of the world. Even still however, mindless undead are still treated as controlled servants, even within city limits, and even many sentient undead do not view them as living beings. 

Culture: The town is home to many individuals that would be seen as seedy in other areas. Vampires, undead, goblins, scarred elves fill the city, giving it a very hardened, dangerous feel to some. However, Shandarian citizens are known to be incredibly welcoming of guests, and it is tradition to greet guests to the city with a 16 hour tavern crawl. 

Citizens of the city typically heavily rely upon the help of mindless undead servants, to the point that some citizens have even forgot certain special skills of their trades, relying on their servants for constant work rather than themselves. 

Politics: The current Shandarian council consists of all sentient undead beings. Council members meet for a week every two months to discuss the issues the city is facing and what to do about them. The council has the highest authority in the city, and council members are also considered Commanders of the city’s military, although they more heavily rely on their other officers for battle duties.