Summer Wind Bugs: Also known as “Poppers”. Small insects with green and blue striped patterns on their abdomens. These bugs have no way of moving on their own, instead they simply blow around in the wind. They feed by collecting solar energy, and overtime, as they collect more and more energy, they begin to glow and expand. Once they collect enough energy, they explode, spraying eggs into the wind. A Popper’s explosion has been known to crack metal armors, and many explosions can fully destroy weaponry and armor. Some wetlands such as the Limerick marshes are known for their build up of Summer Wind Bugs. 

Bush Leech: This blood sucking long brown slug blends in with ordinary forest foliage and to the untrained eye appears as an ordinary vine or root. When a creature steps on the leech, it curls up and wraps itself around its victim, grappling and constricting the victim to the ground all while beginning to suck blood out. Bush leeches immediately detach and shrivel when exposed to fire.