Night Elf Druid of Decay

Height: 6’0”

Appearance: Midnight black skin with pale white, short straight hair falling down to her shoulders. Wears layered black dura-cloth robings tightly around her whole body, and White-metaled pauldrons, boots, and cuirass overtop. The metal cuirass bears the symbol of Macha, the goddess of Life and Death: a flower half wilted and half blooming. Renee wears several brown leather satchels all over her person filled with varieties of mushrooms, fungi, and jars of parasites. 

Weapons: Renee always carries her white Palewood gnarled staff with her, which has various forms of lichens and fungi growing all over its shaft. Renee has also trained some of her captured parasites to attack a target creature on her command.

Armor: Renee’s white metal armor naturally resists necrotic damage and the withering of age and time. Her cuirass was gifted to her by the goddess Macha herself, found deep within a mountain’s belly. Her dura-cloth robings are very strong and resistant to ordinary physical attacks, while being entirely flexible like cloth. 

Abilities: Renee has the powerful ability to wilt a creature away to death on command, although she uses it very rarely and mostly only in rage. Ordinarily, Renee’s abilities slowly eat away at enemy flesh, and creates sickening rays that grossly incapacitates foes. Renee can also create massive fungal blooms allowing diverse flora and fauna to move into an area. 

Bio: Renee Death-touch does not remember her birth, or her early years. Instead, some of Death-touch’s first memories are of her work underground, spreading dark-world flora and fauna into deep caverns created by digging creatures. Renee spent decades both underground and on the surface spreading fungal blooms to help break down dead areas of foliage destroyed by battles and wars. Renee herself does not like killing, unless it is to help re-distribute nutrients into an area for fungal and animal growth, which her studies and powers mostly rely on at their basis: re-distributing nutrients through death. 

One of Renee’s first friends was Adrik Havenhollow, another Night Elf she met while underground. Adrik followed a path of light, which also included wanting to spread life everywhere he went. While Adrik worshipped the light, he and Renee instantly became friends as they discovered they were both helping the flora and fauna of the world. Adrik passed away while underground, crushed in a tunnel collapse, and from then on, Renee decided to take up Adrik’s mission of spreading “light” or the love of life in all its forms. 

Renee was corrupted during the Shadow Wars, and her fungal blooms became deadly biomes for McTravis’ forces, but was fortunately de-corrupted before the end of the war. After her de-corruption, Renee left mainland Allyria to retreat to solitude in the region of Shandaria, ashamed of her actions while shadow-controlled.