Goddess of illusions and illusion magic. 

Symbol: A half open eye. 

Created by the goddess Llyr in order to create a way of luring her opposers to their deaths through illusion. Through this, some view Gwydion as the goddess of trickery as well.

Gwydion used to command her followers directly from the throne of The Crystal City, so her appearance is well known in storybooks. Gwydion has long silky smooth green hair, with radiantly golden skin and glowing purple eyes. She was often seen wearing white tunics with silver metal clasps when she was in the city. Gwydion has not been seen for over 400 years, but her enchantments can still be seen working in the Crystal City. 

Worshippers show their faith to Gwydion by maintaining secretive lifestyles, often having several aliases and identities. Following the path of Gwydion is to follow a life of solitude and secrecy. 

Gwydion churches and places of worship consist of constantly twisting, dissolving, and vanishing hallways and doorways, with many illusionary trials to test Gwydion’s followers. 

When a prayer to Gwydion is answered, followers are typically granted with some sort of illusionary gift. Sometimes that may be making the worshipper appear more attractive, or making products created by the worshipper look more appealing.