Stink Rat: Relative of the skunk. This naturally blind medium sized black rodent creates a thick stench and fog around itself at all times. This rat typically moves in packs of 12 to 20, and feeds primarily on medium sized animals. When attacking, a pack of stink rats can create a fog cloud 500 feet wide, and the rats use smells to sense their surroundings, so the fog does not disturb their sight. Stink rats live primarily in the Swamp of Ushnagh. 

Searing Plains Cat: Large relative of the saber-toothed tiger. These predatory cats’ ancestors were experimented upon by The Casters centuries ago, and were merged with fire essences. These cats appear to be made of fire at first glance, and upon further investigation, pure white fur can be seen through the fire with yellow/orange stripes. Emanate high heat that has been known to burn more sensitive skin. Contact with a Searing Plains Cat’s fur has been known to melt metal. Feed primarily on mammals of all sizes. Found in the Plains of Caindrel.