Human Immortal  / Wildlife Tender

Association: The Immortal Syndicate

Height: 6’4”

Appearance: Black short curly Hair. Appears to be around 80 years old. Hunched back. Walks with a cane. Wears bright red and purple fine clothing.

Weapons & Armr: Madame Visterov makes use of no weapons or armor

Abilities: Madame Visterov, through intense meditation and discipline, has become one with the living natural domain. Through this, she commands and wields powers that many consider to be “god-like”, although physically, she is not capable of much. Visterov has been known to make use of powerful telekinesis to lift a ship out of the water. She also has been seen pushing hundreds of soldiers back with a flick of her hand, and growing plants in a matter of seconds. The range of Visterov’s powers are unknown, but she controls and manipulates many elements of the material plane with ease. In addition, if Visterov is harmed fatally, or killed, her essence leaves that body, and reforms itself physically out of another living organism. 

Bio:  Juliet Visterov was raised under two noblemen parents in the city of Gorias. She was taught the importance of being “proper” from a young age, and was taught to never act “like the common masses”. During the shadow wars, Juliet’s parents were slain, and she was forced to flee to the Wysterian jungle for safety. There, Juliet met an old jungle witch who taught her how to survive in the harsh environment. After living in the jungle for about five years, Juliet was on a hunt, and had her first encounter with the Goddess of Nature, Artio. Juliet saw the goddess disguised as a wood nymph feeding vegetables to animals. From there, Juliet began to tend to the wildlife in the jungle, rather than simply use it for survival. Through this she began her meditations, leading Juliet Visterov on her path of immortality. 

Juliet was one of the founding members of The Immortal Syndicate, called to a meeting by Vorth Garetick, and agreeing to begin the organization using their powers for the good of the land. From her personality, Juliet was given the nickname “Madame” and from then on she has been referred to within the Syndicate as Madame Visterov.