Mud Tick: This type of tick will actually collect mud, soil, and anything it can use while it waits for a host. Once on the host, the mud tick packs itself down under all the mud it created and then latches onto the host. Mud ticks’ saliva hardens the mud into an almost indestructible surface, and the insects are very hard to remove once they’ve packed themselves on. 

Frost Worm: These small white and blue streaked worms live in permanently snowy areas, like the alpine peaks of mountains. To any creatures not wearing outer clothing, these worms can infest them through their feet and begin to freeze the host creature from the inside, turning it into a new living environment for the worms, which prefer the cold. Frost worms take 4 days to fully kill an adult humanoid host, but can be simply killed and cured by crushing up Meernroot leaves, causing an acute hallucinogenic trip. 

Giant Ranclaw: Giant bird with an average wingspan of 25 feet. These brown birds with yellow highlighted feathers feed primarily on massive amounts of insects, and are known to be very peaceful with relation to humanoids. In modern day, Ranclaw eggs are poached very frequently, and the species has become a very rare sight. During the spell wars, Followers of Gwydion used to ride Ranclaws into battle.