Also known as Skraalta. 

The Elder Village sits on the southern side of the Allyrian continent, located among the rolling plains of Glendalough. While the name remains as “village”, Skraalta has been more of a city for its known past. Surrounded by massive stone walls covered in glowing blue runic writing that can no longer be read by any scholars. Within the walls, most buildings are acompost of cobblestone laid together with thatch rooftops. About a third of the buildings are made from wood and stone combined, and a few stand 2 to 3 stories tall, above all the one story tall thatch cobblestone buildings. There are many massive open marketplace areas, which are filled with merchants and buyers on their selected day for trade. 

About 800 years before present, the entire town was laid to waste, and all records were destroyed. The only information about what is known as Ancient Skraalta is that its large enchanted walls were meant to keep all magic outside of their city. Even modern day Skraalta had magic banned within its walls for the first century or two. However, a cult worshipping a devil took over the city covertly, and The Elder Village was run by the cult for about a decade. 

During The Shadow War, the plague easily swept over the Elder Village, and the cult was demolished by its own mind controlled members. During an assault lead by McTravis and Dragon’s Watch, the dragon-defending organization re-took the city from the shadow horde, and turned it into Skraalta’s modern day form. 

Modern Day Skraalta still has its massive enchanted walls covered in glowing blue runic writing, but the walls have been cracked and the force stopping magic from entering has ceased. Now, magic is used as a part of every day life, just like in the rest of Allyria. 

Politics: The Elder Village is run by The Elder Council, a group of elected leaders who vote as a group on policies for the city. The Elder Council is composed of 13 members, and a person must be at least 30 years old to be elected.

Specialties: Skraalta is very well known for its specialty drink: Elderberry wine. The wine is shipped out by whole caravans to other cities nearby, and is sold for very high prices in taverns. It is said to have a soothing effect on its imbiber. 

Mysteries: The Elder Council members serve for life once elected, however, one member, Councilwoman Yarla has been alive for over 200 years, even serving on the Council while the war god cult ran it. She is the least trusted member of the Council, but her points tend to be the strongest held by the group.