Brelope: 3 to 4 foot tall four legged lizard. Scales vary in color greatly, as well as varying in hue. Many common Brelopes are the color orange, with many shades of orange across their scales. Brelopes have been tamed and bred by humanoids for centuries, for many different purposes.  Commonly used as a pet companion for travelers across Allyria. Primarily eats small insects and flowers. 

Acidic Geranian Brelope: Variant of the Allyrian Brelope. White scaled with a steak of black scales in varying patterns. Geranian Brelopes have longer claws than common ones, and their teeth is also backed by acidic saliva. Originated in the Geranian Swamps in southwestern Allyria, these Brelopes are normally wild, but a few have been seen tamed by The Blight Gang. 

Swamp Brelope: These forms of Brelopes can be found in varying swamps around the continent. Their scales are usually some shade of green, depending on their surroundings, and are known to be strong swimmers, which is unusual for Brelopes. These creatures feed on swamp rats primarily.