A 400 year old organization of holy vampire and werewolf hunters. Followers used to worship Gohibnhu, the god of blacksmiths and the forge, but the religious side of the organization fell to the wayside in its most recent century. However, the skill of The Crucible’s blacksmiths still cannot be ignored, as their blacksmiths make the best silver weapons in Allyria. 

Armor: Standard issue Crucible armor consists of several separate pieces. A chestplate with two vertical strips of gold metal along the ribs on the otherwise silver armor. Two grieves consisting of various amounts of silver and gold depending on the member’s rank. Two Silver thigh leg plates, usually with werewolf kill tallies on their left, and vampire kill tallies on their right. Two Silver plated boots with Golden metal strips down the sides. Crucible members wear unique helmets with many differing shapes that the member can decorate in various ways, usually with teeth, claws, or fangs of killed targets. 

Weapons: All Crucible weapons are at least plated in silver, but most are composed entirely out of the metal. In addition, weapons are all blessed by priests and priestesses of Gohibnhu, granting them an extra holy energy. Bolts for crossbows are dipped in holy water before being fired. 

History: The Crucible was originally centered in the city of Gorias, and rid the city of werewolves during the spell plague. From there, Gorias’ House of Henlopen agreed to sponsor the group of hunters as an organization. Lead by Captain Gurt Vex, The Crucible was founded. Thus, now a general, Gurt began recruiting Gohibnhu worshippers around the land to his cause, teaching them of the atrocities committed by vampires and werewolves in the past. 

In the most recent century, The organization was lead by General Makur. The general made it her priority to recruit as many new soldiers as possible, and was secretly conspiring with the werewolf group, the Order of the Howl. 

Once Makur believed she had accrued enough power, the General staged an insurrection to take over the city of Gorias. It was then that Henry Altathuum rebelled against her and dealt a nearly fatal blow to the general. Makur blinded the man and narrowly escaped, having to command the rest of the insurrection from a cot while she recovered from her wounds. Without her leadership, the Crucible’s insurrection failed, and retreated to its stronghold, pulling back its guards from the city as well. Heroes from the city of Gorias slayed the Order of the Howl, and The Crucible is now at half the strength it previously was. The organization still resides in its stronghold at the northeast end of Allyria.