Minerilian Guard in the town of Gorias

Height: 6’2”

Appearance: Granite patterned stone flesh with narrow set black eyes and no hair. Imposing build and figure, typically stands leaning slightly forward, meant to intimidate those underneath him.

Armor: Renlock wears his own unique set of silver plated armor, differing from the Gorias standard issue equipment. Renlock’s armor has been lined with Dura-cloth, an incredibly sturdy material, on the inside as an extra form of protection as well. Renlock does not wear a helmet.

Weapons: Renlock wields a massive battlehammer regularly, but has not been seen to use it on Gorias citizens, instead only using his hands and body to physically move them when needed. 

Abilities: Being a Minerilian, Renlock has no magical affinity or abilities, however, his tough build makes him a formidable foe. Renlock’s flesh has proven to be able to withstand the devastating bite of a Lockjaw, and Renlock has even withstood the fiery blast of a red dragon. 

Bio: Sergeant Renlock Sturdyhand runs a very strict guard post on the eastern end of Gorias, and is known particularly for punishing subordinate guards severely for small mistakes. Renlock’s tactics for controlling crowd masses, or insurrections in the past have relied entirely on full force assaults, rather than strategy, and Renlock is known for leading the charges himself. The Minerilian guard is best friends with Prime Minister Yoren, and Renlock is considered one of the prime minister’s most trusted confidants. Even with the minister’s most recent suspicious actions.