Minerilian/Human  Magnet Mage

Height: 5’11”

Appearance: Yellowish brown skin tone following the hue of sandstone, with visible horizontal rock layering of her body’s stone. Blocky face, with wide set brown eyes, and blue straight long hair. 

Armor: Sandy uses her electromagnetic abilities to permanently float pieces of iron armor just off her skin, allowing her to manipulate them magnetically for no restriction of movement, despite how thick the metal armor is. A chest plate, pauldrons, finger platelets, and thigh and shin guards float about half an inch off of Sandy’s stony flesh. 

Weapons: Sandy uses her electromagnetic abilities to float several longswords around herself for any battle she is in. One of her longswords has been imbued with the essence of fire, one has been imbued with the essence of ice, and one has been imbued with the essence of lightning. 

Abilities: Sandy was born with the innate ability to manipulate objects made from metal around her. Able to telekinetically lift and control these objects lead to her fighting style developing in its own unique way. Sandy does not rely on any form of physical attacks herself, and merely focuses on dodging attacks while her manipulated floating swords handle the offensive. 

Bio: Granddaughter of Onyx Broadback, Sandy’s human mother passed away during childbirth, and her grandfather took over raising her. Sandy’s powers became evident mere days after her birth. Onyx began training Sandy in fighting techniques from a young age, as the girl repeatedly explained her want to see the world, and Onyx knew she’d need to be prepared for it. At the age of 18, Sandy left the Minerilian village of Wispmine, and went to see the swamp of Ushnagh. There, Sandy met the young hero, Goblin Hood, and helped him foil a conquest plot of a group of reptile-folk. 

Sandy has been known to aid other heroes in times of battles, but is mostly known for helping a group of mouse-folk travel to the continent of Allyria to escape persecution, and find a place in the Caindrel plains to build the village of Garheart. This village would eventually foster the great hero McTravis.