Air Plant: Bluish black wispy-looking underwater vegetation. The long leaves of this plant gently blow in underwater currents. When the leaves are chewed on, the plant creates small pockets of air, allowing humanoids to breathe underwater while chewing on the plant. One leaf give air to a humanoid for up to one hour before depleting itself completely. 

Gesarium Plant: Also known as Shy Leaf. This green plant with yellow spots has excellent medicinal properties, known to aid in most flu symptoms, as well as speeding up the recovery rate against poisons or physical injuries. However, sound makes the plant retrace its above-ground foliage back down into its underground root system. In order to harvest the leaves of this plant, Shy Leaf gatherers move silently and slowly through the forest looking for them. 

Melhal Vine: Also known as Perma-stick. This plant starts as a small cluster of dark red shiny leaves at ground level. Leaves are covered in an extraordinarily powerful adhesive, and when the creature takes their next step, they typically are unable to unstick themselves. From there, the vine uses its frozen victim as a substrate to grow up and around. Melhal Vines typically end up dropping down into a mass of coiled vines, as their substrates decompose within them.