Lockjaw: Also known as a “Locker”. White furred large cat-like mammal with four eyes, standing about 6 feet tall while on all fours. Eyes are arranged into a square. When this creature opens its jaws, it has a secondary set of biting jaws within. The Lockjaw clamps onto its target’s body with its bigger jaws, typically larger mammals, and while it holds on, its smaller jaws eat away. This creature’s tail also secrets a small green liquid poison, which it can spray on enemies by flicking its tail quickly back and forth.

Sand Duster: These amorphous green blobs float near the bottom of oceans, lakes, and most large bodies of water. As they float along in underwater currents, they reach out with tentacles and absorb and consume any plant foliage they come across. From this plucking of the flora, much sand is kicked up into the water in this process, leading to its name. 

Land Urchin: Much like it’s sea relative, this 5 inch black ball is covered in 6 inch long black spikes. The urchin slowly crawls along jungle floors, eating small insects and grubs as it goes. Stepping on one of these can be incredibly painful, as most of these land urchins’ spines are also coated in a mild natural acid that eats away at flesh.