Unknown Bone Knight / Necromancer

Association: The Immortal Syndicate

Height: 6’8”

Appearance: Vorth’s flesh has never been seen by their Syndicate partners. Vorth wears a full suit of armor made exclusively from carved dragon bones enchanted with several different magics. Vorth’s helmet is also composed of bone, is vertically cylindrical in shape, and is fitted with a face mask made from a skull. Vorth’s eyes are pitch black, and cannot be seen from outside their armor. 

Weapons: Vorth wields a massive greatsword carved out of the femur bone of a giant. This sword has a green ethereal glow surrounding it at all times, allowing it to deal necrotic, wilting damage as well, naturally aging any enemy hit by the weapon. For every amount of time stolen from an enemy, Vorth lives that much longer.

Armor: Vorth’s bone armor has proven to be very effective in defending against attacks both magical and material. In addition, Vorth’s armor naturally heals cracks and breaks slowly over time. 

Abilities: Vorth is also a master necromancer, and has several abilities from this. Vorth reaps the life out of their enemies with their greatsword, and gains life years for every strike. Beyond that, Vorth is able to summon a gargantuan undead frost giant king as well. Vorth also knows a variety of other spells, mostly related to sucking the life out of enemies. 

Bio: Vorth Garetick’s origins are unknown, and the necromancer refuses to share them with anyone. Beyond that, Vorth’s known history begins with their involvement in The Shadow Wars, aiding in the capture and de-corruption of Leaf Ritroot. From there, Vorth was a trusted friend to many heroes around the continent, but was known for living a life of solitude. 

Vorth is one of the founding members of The Immortal Syndicate, forming it after seeing just how poorly the world’s organizations were able to handle The Shadow Plague. The Syndicate was made to maintain a level of peace on the continent of Allyria, without allowing one person or organization to become too powerful for the others. Vorth later convinced the Syndicate to induct Grung Warcaw, after learning of his immortality breakthrough. Vorth had been studying Grung’s advancement through magic for years, and knew the orc had a special talent for it. 

Vorth became the personal mentor of Grung in the Syndicate, and the pair were sent around the continent to investigate rumors of problems and issues arising. In this, Vorth allowed Grung to pursue his goal of finding one of the Crystals of Armaar. After finding one of the crystals, and receiving further powers from the Filian crystal, Vorth decided Grung had finished learning and could assume the role of a permanent Syndicate member. After that, Vorth returned to their life of solitude. and has been known to pop into history in certain wars or disasters, but for the most part has fallen out of the history books.