Glituun Spider: 8 foot tall large brown burrowing spiders. Feed on medium sized rodents and occasionally young humanoids caught in the wrong place. Glituun Spiders live around the Glituun watering hole in the southern Jungle of Dufair, but are beginning to spread northward into denser jungle territory. These large spiders have been tamed by Oronga beast masters to be ridden across swaths of jungle previously impassable on foot. 

Stegosaurus: It is believed the stegosauruses on the continent of Allyria have been blessed by a god or demigod, as these dinosaurs have electrified armor plates and can shoot bolts of lightning out of their mouths. Stegosauruses are easily visible from a distance at night, as they glow radiantly due to their electrical nature. Stegosauruses have brilliant deep blue scales and bright orange glowing armor plates. Stegosaurus lightning bolts are the color orange. Stegosaurus plates are made of a material known as stegodite, which amplifies energy in the form of electricity and re-emits it more powerfully than before. Stegodite also changes the frequency of the energy, making it appear orange. 

Volt Worm: 3 to 4 foot long pump looking white worm with a green streak down each of its sides. Volt Worms have the ability to charge themselves up electrically and shoot out static arc shocks between themselves and another creature. Volt Worms feed primarily on insects and herbs however, and use their electricity mostly for self defense. As a Volt Worm charges itself up, its green streaks begin to glow brilliantly green, serving as a warning sign to other creatures. Volt Worms have been known to kill smaller humanoid races like gnomes or halflings with one electric arc shock.