Also known as the NSTA, or the Alliance. A collection of pirates, merchant organizations, sailing sponsors that have agreed to limit spending and buying prices to a standardized market system shared between ports. Originally, the alliance was made “so that a fish in Hy-Bramil is worth the same as a fish in Lyonesse”. However, in modern times, the alliance is filled with much corruption, extortion, and bribery.

Operates between almost all ports that have access to the northern Gourheil Ocean. Once tried to spread its control to the Shandaria region, but diplomats were quickly thrown out of the port cities of Halabard and Sanduur.

Weapons: NSTA galleons are able to transport up to 8 thousand pounds of cargo in addition to its crew, and are equipped with weaponry provided by the pirate members of the organization. Ship cannons can be found on all galleons, and harpoon guns are common among NSTA crew members. In addition to this, NSTA crew are allowed to bring personalized items, and many bring longbows, scimitars, and daggers with them on voyages.

Armor: NSTA standard issue equipment is patterned under the colors of dull red and vivid yellow. With a red wool jacket featuring gold bar pins denoting numbers of completed trade contracts. Sleeves and pant legs are made from vividly yellow dyed wool. NSTA crew typically also wear what appear to be pirate hats but with the colors red and yellow.

History: The North Sea Trade Alliance has been under much scrutiny by the hero McTravis, as well as the organization Dragon’s Watch, due to shady deals involving selling slaves to Tyrannic slavers.  However, the NSTA is always able to defend itself diplomatically, using various port city law loopholes to avoid its own destruction. In addition, the NSTA is now known to have taken the side of The Shadow Horde and aided in supplying their troops with armor and weaponry.

In the past, the NSTA has been lead by a Chancellor, and their following delegates, but the modern day Alliance elects several “Commanders” who vote on Alliance decisions in their own separate chambers. Current Commanders of the North Sea Trade Alliance are Prime Minister Yoren of the city of Gorias, Thunder Apprentice Abrahams from the Tyrannic cult, Captain Han Starne of Lyonesse, and Foulger Rutwok of the city of Fallan.