Worldwide alliance of loosely affiliated gangs. Blight gang members are also known as “Blighters” across the continent of Allyria. Members are associated with various low level petty crimes like muggings, shoplifting, extortion, arson, etc, and are all around considered a nuisance to every other known organization or group of sentient beings.

Symbol: A sword, an axe, and a spear in the formation of a triangle.

Appearance: Blighters all wear whatever clothes they can get their hands on, leaving most to wear strapped leathers. The one distinguishing feature about all Blight Gang members is the red symbol of the organization stitched onto the back and shoulder of each member, and many members also have tattoos of the symbol as well.

History: The Blight Gang was originally known as The Allyrian Militia, and was comprised of many militia groups working together to fight back against the tyranny of the Bramillion Royals. The group succeeded in its goal in overthrowing the Royals, and attempted to maintain a layer of contact between the individual militias in case anyone was to put Allyria in danger like that again. Over decades, some militia groups fell to corruption, and slowly that corruption made its way to the top of the organization. Most villages and major cities expelled their remaining militia group members due to thievery, extortion and intimidations against their ordinary citizens. At this point, the Militia changed its name to The Blight Gang, and began relying on petty crimes to maintain a steady income. Now, the Gang’s motto is: “For goods and gold.” Occasionally, gang leaders will meet to discuss partnerships on certain jobs with big rewards.