Association: The Glithorian League

This sect of The Glithorian League has turned its entire attention towards the hunting of dangerous dinosaurs in the Jungle of Dufair. These dinosaurs have proven to be incredibly lethal to locals, so when the bounty hunters in the area learned the locals were willing to pay highly for the deaths of certain beasts, The Rex Hunters were born.

Weapons: Rex Hunter standard issue harpoon guns are made by the gnome tinkerer, Keelan Highcobble. These harpoon guns have a light colored wooden rifle stock, with silver muzzles and a silver mechanical box that sits at the end of the gun. This box automatically reloads the rifle after it fires a shot. Rex Hunter harpoon guns fire sticky globs of electrified goo that fully stun the dinosaur for an easy up-close kill.

Armor: Rex Hunter standard issue armor includes a long green dura-cloth trench coat plated intermittently with Vuntas attuned steel armor pieces. This attuned steel is imbued with a resistance to piercing attacks, allowing Rex Hunters to stand their ground against harriers of velociraptors.

Notable Members:

Hannibal Quillith

Human Rex Hunter / Former Bounty Hunter

Height: 6’4”

Appearance: Jet black hair with a very light tawny skin tone. Very muscularly toned with visible black veins in places on his neck and forearms.

Weapons: In addition to the standard issue Rex Hunter harpoon gun, Hannibal is also equipped with a handheld flintlock which he uses to fight against velociraptors.

Abilities: Hannibal is incredibly skilled with creating poisons to weaken his dinosaur targets that are more resistant to the Rex Hunter standard issue goo glob. Hannibal is also highly trained with his harpoon rifle and flintlock.

Bio: Hannibal Quillith is the current leader of The Rex Hunters, accepting the role after the former Rex leader died in battle. Hannibal was with the Hunters from their formation, and after a few years of hunting dinosaurs, the man created a few powerful poisons to use against the larger dinosaurs that proved resistant against the electrified harpoon guns. Once the Hunters started using Hannibal’s poisons, the group’s soldier death toll steeply dropped against larger beasts.

Amanara Vrox

Vuntas Rex Hunter / Survivalist

Height: 6’1”

Appearance: Orange scaly skin with three horns on her forehead. Wears a black hood that hides a small portion of her face, which is heavily scarred on the left side.

Weapons: In addition to the standard issue Rex Hunter harpoon gun, Amanara wields dual steel longswords when fighting in close range with her bounty beasts.

Abilities: Amanara is highly knowledgeable about the Jungle Dufair and all of its flora and fauna. Through her help, Rex Hunters are able to navigate the jungle safely to reach each of their bounty destinations. Amanara is also highly skilled at hunting wildlife silently with a bow and arrow.

Bio: Amanara’s hatred for dinosaurs began after her children and husband were torn apart by a harrier of velociraptors. Amanara was also attacked by this group, but was shielded by her husband long enough that Enochian soldiers were able to arrive and save her life. From then on, Amanara dedicated her time towards studying the dangers of the Jungle of Dufair and help protect others from it. In her studies and travels, she met the former Rex leader, Orlox Desonor and learned of The Rex Hunters. Amanara instantly joined and proved her skill and usefulness to the group very quickly. She now teaches new Rex Hunters about the dangers of the jungle as well as how to use a bow and arrow to hunt silently.