Human Minor Arch-druid

Height: 5’3”

Appearance: White skin matted with the dirt accumulation of many years spent in the jungle. Brown medium length hair swept to the side with a slightly disheveled look. Thin clothing made from green Broad Remt leaves bound together, with woody tree bark fashioned into armor pieces overtop. Wisp has completely white eyes.

Armor: Wisp’s tree bark armor pieces are made from the bark of an Ironwood tree, a very rare plant only found underground. This tree’s bark is very light, but sturdier than steel. The Broad Remt leaves of Wisp’s clothing is a natural jungle insect deterrent as well. 

Weapons: Wisp makes use of an Ironwood quarterstaff with the essence of a tree spirit in its core. This quarterstaff gains extra power when in Wisp’s hands, and through the staff’s woody cracks, a green glow can be seen while in Wisp’s possession.

Abilities: Wisp Gallheart has a special control over the flora of the Jungle of Dufair. At will, Wisp can call vines to entangle foes, turn a lush understory into an impossible plant impasse, and can even summon tree herders for aid.

Bio: Wisp Gallheart was raised in the human city of Gorias. But during his time there, Wisp frequently visited the Alaindrel Forest, where he learned to commune with the spirits inside plants. Wisp spent many years practicing his skills and learning to manipulate plants for his aid without harming them. But after The Crucible insurrection, Crucible death squads began marching through the Alaindrel forest looking for traitors to Gorias and the organization, and Wisp fled. The man found shelter with Herer Muntak, the arch-druid of the northern Sardonian Desert, and from there was inducted into the druid organization, The Climbing Ivies. Wisp’s powers were promising, but not powerful enough to warrant getting Major status, so Wisp was declared to be the Minor arch-druid of the southern Jungle of Dufair. Wisp has now spent a few years in the area, working with the gorilla people, the Orongas, and the Vuntas in the area, and keeping watch over the region’s watering hole and plateau.