Kentoon: 6 legged, black furred mammal. Stands about 5 feet tall while on all six hooves. Flattened nose, and narrow-set black eyes. Browsing herbivore. Known as a nuisance pest to most societies as Kentoons travel in packs of 18 to 25 and are known to devour whole gardens, crops, and landscapes. Kentoon bleat sounds are very deep toned, and typically are used by fur hunters looking to mimic the prey animal to attract predatory animals. Kentoons typically live in open grasslands, or light forests.

Pyscho-skunk: These mammals have the appearance of an ordinary skunk, but their spray glands emit a powerful hallucinogenic instead of the ordinary smell. Creatures exposed to this spray experience an intense high for anywhere from 8 to 10 hours. Some small religions use this skunk’s spray to initiate spiritual rituals and rites.

Gildurn Worm: Small green caterpillars with yellow spots that naturally weave themselves incredibly tough cocoons as they turn into their adult forms. When magically manipulated, these worms can weave their silk into dura-cloth, a material as flexible as cloth but as strong as steel. Gildurn worms naturally grow within the Wysterian Jungle.