Golden-bladed dagger encrusted with emerald jewels along the blade. Handle is made out of a twisted and bound-together mix of ivory and obsidian. The wielder of this blade is granted full control over the animated undead spirit/skeleton of the former ice mage, Parlentu Ronet. Parlentu’s abilities include throwing ice spears for long distances, emanating extreme cold, and freezing enemy feet where they stand.

History: Mider’s Tongue is an aspect of Labraid, the god of the dead and damned. Labraid usually maintains control of all undead, however, the god granted the spirit of Parlentu back to her husband, Grayn Ronet. Grayn wielded the weapon in a small dispute against a group of bandits and laid waste to many, but one thief stole it off of Grayn’s person. From there the weapon made its way onto the black market, and with it, so did control over the dangerous ice mage skeleton. Currently, Mider’s Tongue is known to be held by Great Slayer Justin Renk of Dragonsbane.